Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hair....Or Lack Thereof

I have a constant battle with my hair.  Or, maybe I should say the growing lack of it.  I have always had very fine, straight hair.  It is the bane of my existence.  When I was younger, I wanted to have those beautiful heads of long and lush hair like the girls on the Herbal Essence commercials.  Full, long  hair. The body and bounce!  How I wanted that hair.  I, too, used Herbal Essence, but did my hair look like that?  NO!  I blow-dried, fluffed, curled, fluffed some more.......with no resemblance to those heads of hair.  I still fight this battle....except now my hair is thinning, too.  And, grey!  Fine, limp, flat, thin, straight, grey hair.  I am so lucky!!  So, now besides, drying, fluffing, curling and spraying, I have to color, too.  And, quite often! How is it that those roots show up after a couple of weeks, but my hair grew like a snail when I was younger and wanted those long, beautiful locks?  And, the length....should I go longer or should I go shorter?  Which way makes my face look thinner?  What is it, this obsession with hair?  Hey, just wondering....does anybody else out there still use hot rollers, or am I the only woman in America that can't live without them? If they ever grow extinct, I will be in big trouble.  I search garage sales for those last bastions of hope for us flat-haired gals. So, this battle with my hair will go on. I guess it could be way worse. Luckily, I still have the hot rollers and  I will say one positive thing about the thinning of the hair......I don't have to shave my legs as often.  Yes,  I will cling to that bright thought. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More About the "Stuff"

Today, I was cleaning out some more clutter and came up with some more thoughts on STUFF. To put things in perspective, there have been these terrible tornadoes in large areas of our country this week.  All of those people that have lost their homes and all of their belongings.  It is sad, but not as sad as the loss of life.  All of the stuff doesn't mean a thing.  It can be replaced.  I know...what about the pictures and momentos that have been saved over a life-time?  They will be missed.  But, there is no loss like the loss of life that has taken place.  Makes you realize what is important.  Who wouldn't give up all of their stuff to have just a little more time with a loved one lost?  We Americans are kind of insatiable about our stuff.  The more we get, the more we want.  One thing leads to another.  I am guilty of this myself and I am in a constant battle to contain it.  To contain the wants vs. the needs and to contain the stuff in all of those boxes, baskets and bins.  I know that owning more stuff just means more to take care of.  More to repair.  More to clean.  More to dust. So, down with stuff!!!!  Less is more!  Repeat after me....less is more!  My new mantra.


Have you ever noticed that your "stuff" seems to multiply?  Like rabbits?  I feel like I am fighting a constant battle against the stuff of life.  Does anyone else feel this way? You know, the things that come in the mail, the things that you buy and bring into the house. The things you just can't part with and  the things the kids dump on you when they move from one place to another. And, my kids are out of the house.  Those of you with children at home probably feel like the stuff is taking over your life. Now, I am not a hoarder, but things do seem to pile up. I think we all have a tolerance for things and clutter.  Mine is pretty small.  Cluttered house, cluttered mind.  When I feel like things are piling up and taking over, I start to lose my serenity.  My house is my sanctuary and when it feels overwhelming, my sense of peace and order goes.  I have a  constant cycle of binge-purge, but not with eating....
I go out and buy all kinds of things to control the clutter.   Baskets, boxes, bins......For a time, I seem to have the clutter under control and then I feel like all of those things that I bought to control the clutter are just more "stuff" in my house.  I have bought books on organizing and simplifying and  the book by Oprah's clutter guru....Peter Walsh's, Ten Ways to De-Clutter Your Home.  It works for a while, but eventually, even the books just seem to add to the stuff.  I have a couple of areas in my house that seem to collect piles.  Sometimes I move the stuff from one pile to another. For a few brief moments, I feel like I have conquered the clutter. I think most of you know what I am talking about.  I have spent the last couple of days cleaning out.....purging if you will.  It feels good.  But, soon, more stuff will come into the house.  Like I said is a constant battle.  I may never win, but I will continue the good fight.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

More on the Road Trip

So, I have more about the road trip I took with my dad.  Everyone should take a trip across the country like that at least once in their lives.  Me, I have done it many times.  Not any time recently, but when my sisters and I were younger, we used to do it every year with our Mom.   That was many years ago.  In fact, the last time I had done it, was oh....about 1976.  So, for me, this was a little nostalgic...this trip across I-80 from California to Michigan.  In case you are not familiar with it,  I-80 goes all the way across the country from Sea to Shining Sea.  From California, you go into Nevada.  Once past Reno..(the Biggest Little City on Earth), the road goes on forever and let me tell you, Nevada is a very God-forsaken place.  (my apologies to anyone from Nevada).  Soon, you are crossing the Great Salt Flats and into Utah. Once past Salt Lake City, it gets very hilly and beautiful and you are into Wyoming....another state that takes years to get across. Wyoming through Nebraska., Iowa, Illinois, Indiana....(my home state)...and then Michigan. All of those fields and pastures made me want to break out into "This land is your land, this land is my land". I was really looking forward to seeing how things had changed over the years.  Let me tell you something.  Not much has changed in the 35  years since I last took that trip.  In fact, I believe I saw some of the same old rusted vehicles up on blocks that were there 35 years ago.  Our first night, we stayed in Rock Springs, Wyoming.  Isn't that some kind of an oxymoron?  We ate at I-HOP.  Yes, I-HOP.  I had a 19 year old waitress call me honey. Rather charming. Now that is Americana for you!!  All of you Housewives of Orange County and New York, take a trip across the country and see how most of America lives.  It is a real eye-opener.  Many parts of this country are beautiful, but many others are a little sad.  So much land and so much poverty. Not to get all political again, but makes you realize why there is such a wide divide in this country......Kind of puts things in perspective.....makes you appreciate what you've got.  I recommend you give it a try............

Road Trip

I recently took a road trip with my 85 year old father.  It was 3 of the best days ever.  Let me explain.....My dad lives half of the year in California and half of the year in Michigan.  He and my mom used to make the trip to Michigan in May and back to California in October....every year.  Since my mom passed away over 15 years ago, my dad has been making that trip by himself.  Doesn't sound that radical until you find out that he makes the trip in 2 days.  Yes, two days.  That means he drives two days back to back of 1100 miles each.  Now that is crazy.  Not to mention, unsafe.  So, this year, I decided to make the trip with him.  First he told me that there would be no room in the car for me, that his car would be totally packed including the front seat with all of the stuff that he takes back and forth.  For  instance, condiments. He will not throw them away, so he takes them across the country with him.  I swear, some of those mustards and pickles have been across the country as many times as he has. Did I mention that he is an ex-marine?  Oh, and he lived through the depression, too?  Waste not, want not.  No throwing anything away....not even year old condiments.  Anyway, once I "convinced" him that he was not going alone, he found room for me. Nothing like trying to tell an 85 year old ex-marine what to do.  Anyway, we did the trip in 3 days and to be honest, I was exhausted.  First day...800 miles.  Second day....900 miles.  Third day...500 miles. And, he actually let me drive, too.  When he was driving, I needed my naps. When I was driving, he worked cross-word puzzles.  No napping for him......he wasn't tired.  Trying to prove a point are we?  I had to convince him to stop for meals.  "'s time to stop for lunch".  "I don't eat lunch"  he would say.  "Eat one of those protein bars that I have in that bag that has been across the country 47 times".  Anyway, we stopped to eat, and we stopped to sleep, and we actually stopped to use the potty. We had a great time.  He will never admit it, but I think he really enjoyed it, too. Come on, Dad....had to be better than doing it alone!!! That is 3 days that I will always treasure.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Flats are Back!!

Yahoo!  Flats are back.  Not that they ever went anywhere, but according to the latest fashion news, they are back.  Here, again, I am way ahead of everyone else.  I have been wearing nothing but flats for, oh, at least the last 20 years.  The last time I wore heels, I was a couple of decades younger. There is nothing more unattractive than an older, let's say mature woman, wobbling on high heels.  But one thing about being in the 50 something-ish range, is that you don't worry so much about what others are wearing and you go with what is comfortable.  I LOVE flat shoes.  I have a closet full.....and now I am vindicated.  Here is a quote from the Style section of our local newspaper.....

"Flats give you a chance to play....whether they are pointy at the toe or they're a Mary-Jane style, but personally, I would play with color.  Just a swath of color across the toe is an easier adjustment for the eye than  four inches of the same color on a heel.  Patent leather or embellishments make a daytime outfit, but for cocktail or evening looks, metallic leather is a must."

I am so stylish.....and way ahead of my time!!  Maybe I am almost a genius!  Now as soon as the other "flat" comes back in fashion, I will really be rocking it.  Finger's crossed.

Friday, April 22, 2011

More Decorating Tid-Bits is another one of my great finds.  I found this great shelving unit at a second hand shop in my town.  I think it was $45.00 and I got the guy to deliver it for another $10.00.  Pretty cool, huh? And this one, I didn't even re-paint.  Just don't have to have a lot of moola to change things up.  The clock is from Target and most of the accessories are from Homegoods.  If you don't have a Homegoods, try TJ Maxx or Marshalls.  Both great resources.......